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A sequence is a sequence of sound streams. These streams can be segments of sound files in the project, generated signals, or both. Signals in a sequence can be consecutive and parallel. Sequences can be treated just like sound files in STx (i.e. they can be analysed, segmented and have their parameters extracted). Sequences can also be used to implement simple signal processing tasks like mixing, filtering etc.

XML Tag: ASequence

Sequence Order

The Detail View signal shows which signals are currently in the sequence. You can change the order of the signals by selecting one, holding down the control key and using the arrow keys to move the signal up and down.

Note: If you change the order of the signals, segments of the sequence are not adjusted and therefore could address the wrong positions.See the Workspace Special > Sequence for special sequence functions.

Supplement #02: Sequencer and Sound Synthesis

This PDF describes steps to create and use sequences.