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Recorder settings.png

The setup dialog for the Recorder application. This dialog is reached by pressing the setup button in the Recorder.

sampling rate
The rate at which to sample the signal in Hz.
Mono or Stereo.
file code
The wave file format. Microsoft specifies the formats PCM8 and PCM16. However, it is possible to store the samples in 24, 32 and float format. Note that these non-microsoft standard formats are not supported by all other applications.
record code
The bit depth to record at. A translation between record code and file code is carried out if necessary.
max. duration
The maximum duration of the recording. You can then leave the recorder running and come back later.
i/o buffers
The number and length of buffers to use for recording.
auto preview
The default settings for the graph display once recording has finished.
Method for calculating the PPM values.
time constant
The hold time for the sample-hold method.
display time
The duration to display on the time (x) axis in the graph.
display range
The range in dB to display in the graph.
sort listing
Sort the tag list in ascending or descending order.
show PPM bars
Check to show the PPM bars in the Recorder.
show PPM graph
Check to show the PPM graph in the Recorder.
run / end RT Analyser automatically
Check to run the Real-Time Analyser parallel to the Recorder.
Signal I/O Setup
Click to modify the global Signal Input/Output Settings. Only MME devices are supported.
Auto Segment Name
Click to modify the global Automatic Segment Name settings.
Temp =
Click to set the directory for temporary wave files.
color scheme
Click to set the color scheme for the PPM graph.
Save / Cancel
Save the settings or cancel changes.

Microsoft Wave Specification: The Microsoft wave specification only supports the following settings: Bit Depth: 8, 16 Channels: mono, stereo Sampling Rate: 11025, 22050 and 44100 Other sampling rates and bit-depths are supported by many programs and soundcards.For users interested in recording more than two channels, please utilize the script nrecord.sts included in the Scripts directory in the STx installation directory.