Context Menu of Sectioner Spectrum Graph

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Next Cursor Style
Change cursor style of Sectioner spectrum graph (cyclic).
Bind/unbind cursors to/from spectrum function (toggle). Note: If two spectra are displayed, the keys [Page Up]/[Page Down] can be used to change between the two functions.
Show Sectioner setup dialog.
Set Reference Freq.
Sets the reference frequency for Hz/Cent conversions to the frequency of the active cursor.
Save Spectrum
Save the displayed spectra in the DataSet. The spectra are appended to the parameters and spectra of the source segment and existing spectra of same type are not (!) replaced.
Copy ..
Show the copy to clipboard dialog to configure copy format and copy parameter functions to clipboard.
Copy parameter function(s) to clipboard using the last copy settings.
Zoom X-Axis In / Out
Zoom in/out on the spectrum frequency scale.
Zoom Y-Axis In /Out
Zoom in/out on the spectrum amplitude scale.
Show the graphics copy/print dialog to print or copy the selected graph or the whole application window.