Copying parameters to the clipboard

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You can copy the parameters to the clipboard by selecting Copy from the context menu. If you want to modify the format in which the parameters are copied to the clipboard, select the Copy ... instead.

V2 dialog copy to clipboard.png
Selects if all or only the selected parameter should be copied
Selects if the whole function(s) or only the part bracketed by the time cursors should be copied.
Turn x-scale (time) on/off and set x-scale unit.
column format
Set column format to fixed or variable width.
column width
Column width used if column format is set to fixed.
column separator
Column separator used if column format is set to variable.
column headers
If checked, a header line is created, otherwise not.
number format
Overall number of digits and number of decimal places. You can select the character to use as the decimal point.
autom. exp.
If checked, decimal floating point or scientific notation is used (whichever is shorter), otherwise, decimal floating point formatting is used.
Copy to clipboard, save settings and close.
Cancel dialog.