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Toolboxes are add-on functions which use a standardised interface to hook into the STx applications and provide additional functionality. Toolbox functions are programmed for specific contexts in STx (e.g. for the Workspace or for the Sectioner in Spectrogram & Parameters Viewer). See the Toolbox Functions entry in the Programmer Guide if you want to know how to program Toolbox functions.

Toolbox functions are stored for convenience's sake in the folder Toolbox in the install directory in files with the extension sts.

The Toolbox functionality requires STx version 3.6.0 and newer.

Loading, reloading and unloading Toolbox functions

Toolbox functions are stored in STx script files (*.sts) in the Toolbox folder. General toolbar commands are found in the Workspace Special > Toolbox functions menu. E.g. you can load new toolbox files, unload them, and reload any that have been changed on disk (useful if you are developing a toolbox function). Once a Toolbox function is loaded, it is available in all contexts for which is was designed. All loaded toolbox functions can be displayed with the Show command.

Calling Toolbox Functions

Exactly how you call a Toolbox function depends on the context and whether or not a hotkey has been defined for it. For example, in the Spectrogram & Parameters Viewer Sectioner, the available toolbox functions (e.g. those that are loaded and available in the spectum context) are available via the context menu entry Toolbox.

Default Toolboxes

The following Toolboxes are included in the default STx package:

Programming Toolboxes

You can program your own Toolbox functions tailored to your needs. A guide to doing so can be found in the programmer guide.