ASeg Signal Pause Segmentation

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The ASeg_Signal_Pause_Segmentation function automatically segments a signal using an RMS/level function.

Tb autoseg aseg signal pause segmentation.png

parameter name

The name of the parameter to use for peak detection.

segment name

The base segment name for automatic name generation.

pause level type

Determines what value is used as the peak threshold.

automatic - pause level chosen automatically. cursor-ymax - y position of active cursor used as pause level. userdefined - use the user defined pause level.

percentage (Lxx)

pause level

The user defined pause level in dB. This is only available if pause level type is set to automatic.

signal on

A signal is detected if the level is greater than the pause level plus signal on.

signal off

A pause is detected if the level is less than the pause level plus signal off.

min. "on" time

The minimum duration the signal must be above the signal on level in order to be considered to be

max. "off" time

The maximum duration of a pause inside a segment (in seconds).

use whole analysis signal

If left unchecked, the signal between the cursors is analysed. If checked, the whole analysis signal is used.