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Stx ug toolbox export praat textgrid.png

Export STx segments as PRAAT tiers.

If you would like to use the base segment name as the tier name, then check the tier name = segment id checkbox and specify which segments you want to export in the table.

The base name of the segment you wish to export. All segments starting with this string are selected.
The name of the attribute which will be exported.
Set to 'export' to activate or 'skip' to skip this row.

If you have specified the name of the tier each segment belongs to in a segment attribute (e.g. tier), then uncheck the tier name = segment id checkbox, and specify your segment filter (segment id) and tier attribute name (tier attribute).

segment id
The filter for selecting which segments in the current STx sound file should be exported. For example, * would select all segments, whilst word.* would only select those segments which start with word.. This is only available if tier name = segment id is unchecked.
tier attribute
The name of the segment's attribute where the tier name is specified.