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The toolbox function runMAUSBasicDlg uploads a sound file and transcription to the BAS Web services runMAUSBasic REST API and the imports the resulting TextGrid file into STx using the Import_PRAAT_TextGrid toolbox. This service is offered by the Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals (BAS), part of the CLARIN-D infrastructure. If you use this toolbox function, please cite the publications they request.

Stx ug toolbox webmaus runmausbasicdlg.png

You can specify which language the transcription is in using the Language field. (See the runMAUSBasic documentation here).
Use word list
If checked, then the user is asked to locate a word list file on disk for uploading to runMAUSBasic.
Segment filter
Word segmentation done in STx can be uploaded to runMAUSBasic instead of a word list file. Specify the attribute identifying the word segments here in the format <attributename>=<attributevalue>.
Transcription Attribute
Specify the attribute containing the transcription of the word here.
Upload to WebMAUS and wait for results. The results are then given to the toolbox Import_PRAAT_TextGrid for importing into the project.
Close the dialog without sending data to WebMAUS.