Mark Segments Dialog

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The Mark Segments dialog can be used to configure how segments are displayed in the Waveform & Segmentation Viewer application.

V1 dialog mark segments.pngName

Specify the Name (Id) of segments to be displayed. Wildcards are allowed. If no name is specified, all segments are displayed.

Display the segments in the selected graphs and close the dialog. The settings are saved.
Remove segments from all graphs. Note that this does not delete the segments from the project; it just does not display them in the viewer.
Close the dialog and save settings.
Close the dialog without saving.
show markers in line-plot
If checked, segment markers are displayed in the segment lines.
show markers in overview
If checked, segment markers are displayed in the overview.
Automatic Segment Names
If checked, in each dialog creating a new segment, an automatically generated segment name (Id) is displayed as default. Press the button to change naming rules and format (see automatic segment names setup dialog)