Zoom Graphs

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The zoom graphs display a detailed version of the signal marked by the cursors in the segment line graphs. The zoom graphs display different signals, depending on the cursor mode settings:

  • The signal around the active cursor is zoomed (one zoom graph).
  • The signal around both cursors is zoomed (two zoom graphs).
  • The signal between the cursors is zoomed (one zoom graph).

In cases 1 and 2, the zoom graphs are updated automatically, and only one cursor per zoom window is displayed. Here the cursors can be used to correct the position of the segment line cursors.

In case 3, the user controls the zoom window update, and there are two cursors in the zoom window, which can be used for segmentation and playback.

The zoom region can be enabled or disabled in the settings dialog or the zoom graph's setup dialog (context menu in a zoom graph).