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The STx Workspace: The Application & Setup Tree

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The Application & Setup Tree area of the Workspace is located on the left-hand side of the Workspace window. Each of the functions and applications shown can be selected from the tree. The selected application or setup function starts in a window of its own and opens additional windows as needed. Though unusual at first, you will soon come to appreciate the flexibility which this allows you in displaying windows from different applications side by side.

STx stores all these parameters in the current workspace file. Workspace files end .stxws (the default is default.stxws). Since the user may require different STx configurations, the user can save and load different workspace files. In order to save a new configuration under a different name, use the menu File > Workspace > Save As. The default STx settings are stored in the read-only file stxconfig.xml. If you every need to restore the original STx settings, close STx, delete the workspace file and restart STx.

Warning: The stxconfig.xml file should never be edited by the user!The Application & Setup Tree is divided into a number of different branches, grouping related functionality:


The Tools branch in the Application & Setup Tree contains the following tools:

  • Recorder - an application for recording and segmenting on the fly
  • FindFile - an application for finding sound files on local and network disks

Signal Analysis & Display

The Signal Analysis & Display branch of the Application & Setup Tree offers the user the following applications for analysing and displaying signals:

All signal and analysis applications (except the Real-Time Analyser) store their settings in so-called 'profiles'. After installing STx, there are a number of default pre-configured profiles available.

Signal Processing

There are a number of signal processing functions available in STx:


The Options branch of the Application & Setup Tree contains a collection of global STx settings.


Context Menu

Setup Open the settings dialog for the selected element
Run Resource run.png Run the selected Application & Setup Tree element with the selected Detail element.
Run.. Resource setup.png Open the settings dialog with the option to run from the dialog.
Copy Copy the selected element
Rename Rename the selected element
Delete Delete the selected element

Note: not all menu items are enabled for all Application & Setup Tree elements.