Automatic Segment Names

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Ws as dialog automatic segment names.png

Set the formatting rules for automatically generated segment names. These settings are used in various STx signal processing and segmentation applications (e.g. Spectrogram & Parameters Viewer and the Create Block-Segments dialog)

Fixed part of the segment name.
The index counter start value. This value is increment each time an automatic name is generated.
The number of digits to be used for the index part of the automatic name.
index = extension
If checked, the index separated from the name by a period (name.index). Otherwise, the index is appended directly to the name (nameindex).
Check the auto-index box, if the next available segment name using this format should be generated (i.e. if you already have 3 segments aseg.001, aseg.002 and aseg.003, then the next automatically generated segment will be aseg.004).

The Automatic Segment Name settings are global to STx. If you use the auto-index setting, however, consecutive segmenting in multiple files is possible.