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The STx Workspace: The Application & Setup Tree

The Scripts entry in the Application & Setup Tree is useful for those users who utilize the STx macro language. Here you can keep a list of your frequently used scripts.

Each Script entry has it's own list of arguments.

Add or Edit Script

Ws as script add edit.png

New Script
Create a new script on disk.
Select a script file from disk.
Edit Script
Open the script for editing with the associated application for *.sts or *.stx files. If no association exists, the default system text editor is used.
Select the macro to call from those defined in the script file.
The arguments to pass to the macro on execution.
Import from Script Controller
Import the settings from the Script Controller.
Export to Script Controller
Export the settings for this script to the Script Controller.
Execute the script in debug mode.
Execute the script.

For more information about script programming, see the STx Script Programmer Guide.

Setup dialog

Ws as script setup.png

The general Script Settings dialog, accessed via the 'Scripts' entry in the Application & Setup Tree lets you specify what action should taken when a script entry is double-clicked.

Choose what action should be carried out on a script, when it is double-clicked.
Reset Defaults
Return the Scripts leaf of the Application & Setup Tree to it's default state (i.e. when it was STx was first installed).
OK / Cancel
Save (OK) or cancel any changes. Note that if you have chosen Reset Defaults, you cannot cancel.

Context Menu

Run the selected script.
Copy the selected script entry (Note that the script itself is not copied).
Rename the script entry.
Delete the script entry.
Edit the script in the associated editor.
Add a new script entry.
Test the script.
Open the script entry settings dialog.
Run the script in the debugger.