Amplify, Limit or Normalize a sound file

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The Amplifier and Limiter DSP can be used to amplify and limit a sound file signal. The settings Source Signal and Target Signal are explained here.

Amplifying a signal

Ws dsp amplification.png

The signal amplification function enables the user to modify the amplitude of a signal. The gain factor can be specified either linearly as a rational number or in +/- dB. If appropriate, the waveform can be differentiated or inverted on the magnitude scale in the same processing step.

Limiting a signal

Ws dsp limiter.png

Select the type of limiter function to use (type). Currently an exponential, rectangle and arctan are supported.

The limiter requires a maximum waveform value (maximum) and the onset point (at) as an absolute, relative (%) or dB value.

For further details, please see the SPAtom LIMITER in the SPU Reference.

Normalizing a signal

Ws dsp normalize.png

Normalize is used in order to control the waveform magnitude of segments located in the same or in different sound files. Normalization on Peak or RMS values can be selected.