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The Parameter View lists all parameters within the sound file, sequence or segment list selected in the Overview.

By default, the following columns are displayed:

  • Segment - the name of the segment these parameters refer to.
  • ASet - the reference to the sound file where the segment resides to which these parameters relate (only if the selected Overview element is a segment list).
  • ID - a unique identifier for the parameter.
  • Type - the parameter type
  • Method - the parameter method used for extraction (see Viewer setup dialog)
  • Begin - the beginning of the segment relative to the beginning of the sound file in seconds.
  • Length - the length of the segment in seconds.
  • Chn. - the channels addressed by this segment (0=All, 1=left, 2=right).
  • LFrm[ms] - analysis frame length
  • SFrm[ms] - analysis frame distance (frame shift < frame length)
  • NFrm - number of frames
  • Date - date of analysis
  • Time - time of analysis
  • Save - set to yes if the parameter should not automatically be replaced.
  • Edit - set to yes if parameter data was edited by the user.

If set, a summary of the parameter method settings is also displayed in the 'Settings' column.

Note that parameters with an ID are never automatically replaced.

For an explanation of the context menu entries, read this.