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The Segment View in the Detail lists all segments within the sound file, sequence or segment list which is selected in the Overview. From this view, you can play segments, run analysis profiles on segments, edit attributes etc.

Ws detail view segments.png

By default, the following columns are displayed:

  • ID - a unique identifier for all elements on this level.
  • ASet - the reference to the segment's DataSet element (an audio element). Note that this column is only shown in segment lists.
  • Begin - the beginning of the segment relative to the beginning of the sound file in seconds.
  • Length - the length of the segment in seconds.
  • Chn. - the channels addressed by this segment (0=All, 1=left, 2=right). Note that the value of Chn. has no effect on what channel is played when the segment is played.

User-defined attributes are not displayed by default. To display user-defined attributes, press the Attr button (Resource attribute.png).

Note that if there are a lot of segments in the sound file, building the Detail can take some time. You can speed up STx handling of large DataSets by sorting the DataSet.

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