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#var := TAGS table reset [taglist]

STx table items allow rows to be tagged (see Tagged and untagged table entries). Now the TAGS command may be used either to save (or, more accurately: to query), or to restore the state of tagging of a table item (and by "state of tagging of a table item" we simply mean the information which lines of a table are tagged, and which lines are not).

When omitting the taglist argument, the TAGS command will return the indexes of all tagged rows, separated by commas. And if you supply such a list for the taglist argument, the TAGS command will tag all those lines whose indexes are enumerated in taglist argument. Depending on whether you supply 0 or 1 for the reset argument, the old tags will be left untouched (0), or they will be all cleared (1) after querying or, respectively, before restoring. Simple, isn't it?

table the name of a table item
reset 0 (do not reset tags)

1 (clear tags after save or before restore)

#taglist a comma separated list of entry indices.