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UNLOAD MACROCODE|SPUCODE|SOURCECODE fileName [ /Force ] [ /Nolog ][ /Silent ]
UNLOAD SOUNDFILE soundfilePaths [ /Silent ]

The ULOAD family if STx commands unloads (hence the name) either the source code of macros, classes and signal processing units, or closes at least one sound file.

The name of the STx sourcecode file to unload.
A blank separated list of paths to soundfiles to unload.
Forces the file to be unloaded. This can be useful with classes inheriting from parent classes. Repeat the unload process until all dependencies have been removed.
If specified, no log message is generated in the STx log.
If specified, errors will generate warning messages rather than error messages. See The Silent Flag for details.

Quite obviously, source code can only be unloaded if it is not being used.