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WRITELOG text [/Newline … /Newline]
WRITELOG format args /Format [/Newline … /Newline]

WRITELOG [/Newline … /Newline] /- file text
WRITELOG /Format [/Newline … /Newline] /- file format args

This STx command writes a line of text to the log window (the tiny baby window you normally wonder what it is good for). Use /Clear to empty the log window before text is written.

Format strings (the format when using the /Format option) are described in Format Strings and Rules.

Generally, the arguments to the WRITELOG command are the same as for the WRITE command. Refer to the WRITE documentation for more details.

Instead of the WRITELOG command, you may use the macros LOGMSG (believe me - there is no such command in the whole STx source…) or BUTIL LOGMSG, which append some useful information to the text (e.g. the application nameand the date and time of emitting the message).

If you want to show your message more interactively (i.e., in a dialog box), you may consider the STx functions UM and EM.