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This atom is a test implementation for automatic segmentation using adaptive background amplitude estimation during real-time recording. It is based on the atom ADASEG. A detailed documentation will be included after finishing testing and debugging.

This SPAtom was developed for the NOIDESc project in 2006.



X1, X2
The signal of channel 1 and 2, none-overlapping frames.
The output wave item.
The parameter input table. This is an extended table with 1 numeric field and at least 2 rows.
Row/Column Index Name Description Default Value
[0,0] aw, use spectral A weighting (0/1) 1
[1,0] fmin/Hz, minimum analysis frequency 0
[2,0] fmax/Hz, maximum analysis frequency 8000
3 prms/% background rms percentage 95
4 tdelay/s background level estimation time 60
5 tsignal/s minimum signal duration 3
6 tpause/s minimum pause between signals (= maximum pause in the signal segments) 2
7 tpre/s pre-offset = time subtracted from the detected beginning (>=0) 1
8 tpost/s post-offset = time added to the detected end (>=0) 1
9 lsignal/dB minimum offset of signal to background 10
10 lpause background level estimation range (0<lpause<lsignal) 6
The segment output table. This is an extended table with 10 numeric fields and must be empty on initialization.
[i,0] segment begin (frame index) (s)
[i,1] segment end time (s)
[i,2] segment duration (s)
[i,3] long time rms (dB)
[i,4] long time spectral cut-off amplitude (dB)
(for each channel where ch = 1..n)
[i,5*ch] amax region begin (s)
[i,6*ch] amax region end (s)
[i,7*ch] amax region duration (s)
[i,8*ch] amax region offset to segment begin (s)
[i,9*ch] L95 - RMS level reached by 95% of the segment frames (dB).
[i,10*ch] L05 - RMS level reached by 5% of the segment frames (dB).
[i,11*ch] L01 - RMS level reached by 1% of the segment frames (dB).
[i,12*ch] Lamax - The average energy level of the amax region (dB).
[i,13*ch] Leq - The average energy level for the segment (dB).

[spu test2spu wi wo n tpar tseg]

a1 = asigin

a2 = adrecord

a1 $wi 0 $n 1 0

a2 X1=a1.x1 X2=a1.x2 WOUT=$wo TPAR=$tpar TSEG=$tseg