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This page is a list of changes to STx which need to be documented.

Programmer Guide


  • ORDERSPEK (commercial)

EVAL commmands

User Guide

  • r8723: Feature: Added pole-zero to Viewer2 Sectioner
  • r8531: Feature: Added @playspeed global variable, which sets the playsrate of all viewer1/2/3, spexl and dataset wave items. The value ranges from -19 to 19, where 0 is normal speed, 1 is double speed, 2 is three times the speed, -1 is half the speed etc. The @playspeed can be set in the dataset using a new spin control, or in the PlayWave class dialog. The macro PLAYSPEED is used
    • to convert the @playspeed value to a playback sampling rate using PLAYSPEED GETSRATE $#normalspeedwave
    • to get the human readable text displayed in dialogs eg. for normal speed x1, for double speed x2, for half speed x.5 using PLAYSPEED GETTEXT
    • get the factor necessary for modifying cursor/timer functions so that they run in speed with the higher/lower rate
  • workspace Find Dialog functionality