Analysing a sound file

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Extended Workspace Mode

The basic steps needed to analyse a sound file in STx in the extended workspace mode are as follows:

  • Select the sound file or segment you wish to analyse.
  • Select the desired analysis profile from the Signal Analysis & Display branch of the Application & Setup Tree tree.
  • Press the run button Resource run.png

Analysing a sample sound file

Assuming that we want to display a spectrogram of the Samples1.wav we will do the following:


  • Select Signal.All segment in the Detail


  • Select a Spectrogram & Parameters Viewer profile from the Application & Setup Tree tree. We will use the FFT_22Hz profile, which is preconfigured to display a spectrogram and waveform of the selected signal using a

Taking the example sound file Samples1.wav from the sample project, we will analyse it using the FFT_22HZ Spectrogram & Parameters Viewer profile.