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Ws schematics.png

The Workspace extended mode makes all of STx's functionality available to the user. For a simpler Workspace, see the compact mode.

The Workspace is divided into the following four areas:

  • The Application & Setup Tree. The Application & Setup Tree provides access to the installed applications (e.g. Recorder, FindFile, Real-Time Analyser), the profiles used for signal analysis (Signal Analysis & Display), the analysis parameter export dialog, the digital signal processing functions (Signal Processing), general S_TOOLS-STx settings like color schemes, audio settings etc. (Options), and links to frequently used scripts.
  • The Overview displays the basic elements in the current project, e.g. sound files and sequences.
  • The Detail displays the metadata in the currently selected element in the Overview. Depending on which view is selected, you can see the existing segments, parameters or signal definitions.


Resource script edit.png Edit the Script Controller script file using the application associated with *.stx or *.stx files.
Resource script test.png Test the Script Controller script.
Resource script run.png Run the Script Controller script.
Resource run.png
Run selected profile with selected Detail element.
Resource setup.png Open the settings for the selected profile with the option to run with selected Detail element.
Resource edit.png Edit the properties for the selected element in the Detail or the Overview (whichever is active - default: Detail). Do nothing if no element is selected.
Resource attribute.png Search for element attributes.
Resource refresh.png Force an update to the Workspace window.
Resource new.png Add an element to the selected element in the Detail or the Overview (whichever is active - default: Detail). The type of element you can add depends on the context (e.g. you cannot add a sound file to a sound file).
Resource dosave.png Save the Workspace settings and the Project file to disk.
Resource toolbox.png Open the Toolbox.

Channel Mapping

STx can map individual channels from wave files with more than two channels to the stereo channels available on a Windows system.

Ws channel mapping.png


There are many hotkeys available in the Workspace.

Drag & Drop Support

You can drag and drop a number of different file types into the Workspace window:

  • Project files
  • STx INI files
  • Sound files
  • Scripts

You can also drag and drop these files onto the Log window.


The Workspace title shows the path to the current Workspace file and the current Project file.

Ws title.png


STx supports the use of wildcards in many dialog boxes. Here is an explanation of the syntax.