WP 3: Networking and Digitization

 Digital Information Including Transfer

Table of Contents:      

3.2.1  Introduction
      3.2.2  Steps in the Digitization Process
      3.2.3  Digitization of Sound
       Audio File Formats
       Audio FAQ
      3.2.4  Digitization of Images and Text Conversion
        Digital Images from Original Documents -
                            Text Conversion and SGML-Encoding
        Digitalisierung gefährdeten Bibliotheks- oder Archivguts
        Digitizing Texts and Images (Abstracts:)
        Digital Formats for Content Reproductions
        The Library of Congress, National Digital Library Program
      3.2.5  Data Compression Methods
        New! MPEG: Moving Picture Expert Group Information
        JPEG image compression FAQ
        GSM: Speech Compression
        Digital Consumer Formats
      3.2.6 Storage Devices
        Storage FAQ
        Mass Storage Development
      3.2.7  Digital Information Preservation
        The Commission on Preservation and Access and the Research Libraries Group
        Digital to Microfilm Conversion
      3.2.8  Contents, Metadata and Projects
        IFLA - DIGITAL LIBRARIES: Metadata Resources
        General SGML Applications
        McGIll Faculty of Music | Music Library of the Future -
                             A Pilot Project
        Stanford Digital Library Project -  Project List
        Multi-media Indexing and Retrieval (MIR)
        Knowledge Discovery Mine -- Data Mining and Knowledge
        University of Cincinnati Knowledge-Based Software Engineering Lab
        Metadata Summit: organized by the Research Libraries Group -
                             Mountain View, California  July 1, 1997; Meeting Report
        ERCIM: European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics
       Terena: Multimedia Expertise and Project Survey
      3.2.9  Annex A: Bibliographies and Related Information
        A Structured Glossary of Technical Terms
        List of Libraries Abbrevations encountered in the context of EU R&D

3.2.1 Introduction

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3.2.2  Steps in the Digitization Process

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3.2.3  Digitization of Sound  Audio File Formats