Concerted Action on Music Information in Libraries

Project: PROLIB/HARMONICA 10453 - Commission of the European Communities -

Dear members of the HARMONICA list,

in order to approach HARMONICA WP 3 Networking and Digitisation Task Group´s focus :

 "to advance the knowledge on means to collect, store and organise music information in digital formats and make it available for searching, retrieving and processing via communication networks"

A survey on Music Information Sources in libraries, sound archives and related collections has been initiated. The questionnaire enclosed is free for distribution to all members of the HARMONICA list as well as to representatives of libraries, archives, music producers, music copyright holders, broadcasters, music industry, private and public collections as well as key players of the music information community. The results of the questionnaire will be classified as public and delivered to members of harmonica-l and all other respondents.

Broad dissemination of the questionnaire to partners in the EU and to former Eastern European countries is welcomed. Responses, comments and additional questions will be highly appreciated.

Please reply by email to: or by fax: +43-1-4030465.
Thank you for your help.

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