Add a column to the item list.

Namespace: ExpSuite
Assembly: FrameWork (in FrameWork.exe) Version:


Visual Basic
Friend Sub AddCol ( _
	szCaption As String, _
	Flag As ItemListFlags, _
	szUnit As String, _
	dMin As Double, _
	dMax As Double _


Type: System..::..String
Caption. String with the caption (case doesn't matter) or Long with the index of the column.
Type: ItemListFlags
Flag restricting the content of all items in this column.
Type: System..::..String
Unit or string with enumerated atoms separated by ";" if Flag is ifEnumeration.
Type: System..::..Double
Minimum allowed value if Flag is ifMin.
Type: System..::..Double
Maximum allowed value if Flag is ifMax.


A new column will be added to the end (most right) of the item list. The columns will be identyfied by its Caption or the index. Flag can be set to restrict the content of the column. See ItemListFlags for possible values. Set to ifString if not used (=column entries are string without any restrictions) Unit, Min or Max parameters may be set, which are associated with given Flag. The index column is column 0 by default, this can be changed assigning flag ifIndex to a column.

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