ExpSuite is a software framework for applications to perform psychoacoustical experiments. ExpSuite allows acoustic and electric stimulation for normal hearing and cochlear implant listeners, respectively.


Protected classclsDataDirectory
FrameWork - Data Directory support. Only one instance of clsDataDirectory is used in FrameWork: DataDirectory.
Protected classclsItemList
Flags to restrict the content of items.
Protected classConfig
Application Module. REQUIRED. Configuration of the ExpSuite application.
Protected classCreate
User Module. Optional. Examples of creating stimuli in ExpSuite.
Protected classCSVParser
FrameWork - CSV files support.
Protected classEvents
Application Module. REQUIRED. General events caused by user interaction.
Protected classEventsSettings
User Module. Optional. Example of events handling changes in Settings.
Protected classfrmAbout
FrameWork Module. Implementation of the About form.
Protected classfrmExp
FrameWork Module. Implementation of the Experiment Screen and Subject Interaction.
Protected classfrmInputBox
FrameWork Module - Programmable Input Box Form
Protected classfrmInputMultiline
FrameWork Module - Programmable Multiline Input Box Form.
Protected classfrmItemListPostfix
FrameWork Module. Implementation of the Postfix of Item Lists dialog.
Protected classfrmMain
FrameWork Module. Main Window.
Protected classfrmOptions
FrameWork Module. Implementation of the Options dialog.
Protected classfrmResult
FrameWork Module. Implementation of the Result form.
Protected classfrmSettings
FrameWork Module. Implementation of the Settings dialog.
Protected classfrmSettingsTrackRange
FrameWork Module. Implementation of the dialog to set Tracker ranges.
Protected classfrmShowStimulus
FrameWork Module. Implementation of the Show Stimulus dialog.
Protected classfrmTurntable
FrameWork Module. Implementation of the Turntable dialog.
Protected classFWintern
FrameWork - Declarations and general methods.
Protected classHUI
FrameWork - Internal use only.
Protected classINIOptions
FrameWork - Handling of Options.
Protected classINISettings
FrameWork - Handling of Settings.
Protected classMIDI
FrameWork - Handling of MIDI devices.
Protected classOSC
FrameWork - Open Sound Control (OSC) support
Protected classOutput
FrameWork - Handling of output devices.
Protected classProc
FrameWork - General tools
Protected classResult
Application Module. REQUIRED. Events on Execution of methods.
Protected classSTIM
Stimulus creation, connection to MATLAB and logging of data.
Protected classTracker
FrameWork - Tracker support.
Protected classTurntable
FrameWork - Turntable support.
Protected classViWo
Protected classViWo..::..ViWoParameter


Public structureFWintern..::..AudioSynth
Structure for the synthesizer (Settings/Audio).
Public structureFWintern..::..ExpConstant
Structure for an experimental Constant (Settings/Constants)
Public structureFWintern..::..ExpVariable
Structure for an experimental Variable (Settings/Variable)
Public structureTracker..::..TrackerSensor
Tracker Sensor data.


Public enumerationFWintern..::..VariableFlags
Flags to restrict the content of Constants or Variables.