Set the status of the output channels.

Namespace: ExpSuite
Assembly: FrameWork (in FrameWork.exe) Version:


Visual Basic
Public Sub SetOutputStatus ( _
	lCh As Integer, _
	lState As Integer _


Type: System..::..Int32
Channel (0:left square, 1: right square)
Type: System..::..Int32
State (see the list with available states)


This function can be used to indicate the status of two channels in the bottom line of the main window, right to the status text. Depending on the lState, the background color of the squares changes. Four states are available:
  • 0: the standard case, color: grey, standard
  • 1: creating stimulation files, color: yellow
  • 2: playing or stimulating now, color: red
  • 3: intermadiate (e.g. break between stimuli), color: green
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