Check the content of an item for a valid value according to defined flags of the column.

Namespace: ExpSuite
Assembly: FrameWork (in FrameWork.exe) Version:


Visual Basic
Friend Function CheckItem ( _
	Col As Integer, _
	ByRef szX As String _
) As String


Type: System..::..Int32
Column selector. String for selection by caption or Long for selection by index.
Type: System..::..String%
Value which will be checked against the restrictions. If the value should be a numeric one, it will be converted to double and back to string.

Return Value

Error message. Empty if szX suits the restrictions.


By using CheckItem, the content of an item can be checked before writing to the item list. CheckItem checks szX according to rules set by flags for given column Col and results in a string containing an error message. If the content szX is correct, CheckItem results in an empty string.

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